Date – 29th April 2018

Cervical Cancer Prevention Camp was been held at Sant Parmanand Hospital by the Gynaecology Department on 29th April 2018 in association with Friends of Sant Parmanand, under the aegis of RCOG NZ, ISCCP, DGF and Cervical Cancer and Breast cancer awareness committee of AOGD with the aim to create an awareness about cervical cancer and screen women 25 years and above with Primary HPV testing. All women filled questionnaire regarding their awareness on cervical cancer. They underwent general health check-up a week before. BP was monitored, breast examination was done, systemic & pelvic examination including trans-vaginal sonography was done. Primary HPV screening was taken. These women were recalled on 29th April 2018, awareness talks were given regarding what causes cancer of cervix, what would be the signs & symptoms and ways of prevention of cervical cancer by Dr Suhasni, Dr Priti Yadav, and Dr Sweta Balani. A talk on cervical cancer vaccination was given by Dr Arbinder Dang. Following the awareness session, all the women were individually counseled regarding test results and followed up. Four women underwent colposcopy in the Department of Obstetrics and gynecology. Results: 63 women enrolled, 30% were aware of cervical cancer. 6.3% were positive for high risk HPV. We thank Sant Parmanand Hospital & Friends of Parmanand for support.