Dear Friends,

Thank you all for having faith in me and electing me as the President of ISCCP for 2018-20 session. I am inheriting a legacy initiated by visionaries in this field. I promise you all a receptive and transparent secretariat.

Our vision is to make every gynaecologist in India become a member of this society and take up the cause of Cervical Cancer Prevention. You are the torchbearers of this mission in your region. You can coordinate your activities with the local obgyn societies and ISCCP regional executives and project them instantly through an ISCCP facebook page created for you.

We have a huge social responsibility towards the women we care for. Let us join hands and awaken the political and social leaders in our areas as cervical cancer now kills more women than pregnancy related causes. The Government of India is keen on rolling out the Cervical Cancer Screening Program across the country. However, there is a dire shortage of trained colposcopists and healthcare workers to carry out this program. We, as experts with a common goal should join hands and help the government in this endeavour. We need volunteers from across the country to carry out training of doctors in colposcopy and healthcare workers in cervical screening.

We have an ongoing ISCCP Certified Structured Training Program through which many gynaecologists have received training. I request you all to popularize this course and offer training to the doctors in your region. India is a member of the IFCPC, which has started a well-planned Distance Learning Program of an international standard in Colposcopy which will help doctors from all over India to train at dedicated training centres. Thirty trainers have been trained till now at the Training the Trainers program at Delhi & Lucknow. These trainers are training doctors to become master trainers at different centres in India. With scant colposcopy services across the country, there is a need for many more trainers taking up this responsibility.

The IFCPC World Congress in October 2020 is a chance for each of you to present your work and interact with experts working in this field from 43 countries across the world. It’s a chance to project our unity and strength and put up a grand show. Please popularize this event in your states and regions.

It’s going to be an exciting two years for everyone; let us resolve our differences and work towards our common goal-Elimination of Cervical Cancer.

Warm Regards & best wishes,

Saritha Shamsunder
Senior Specialist & Associate Professor
Ob/Gyn Vardhmaan Mahaveer Medical College & Safdarjung
Hospital, New Delhi, IndiaPresident ISCCP 2018-20
Organising Chairperson, IFCPC2020 World Congress